Joining Human Made

Over the past four years I’ve had plenty of fun with client work, open source projects and a fair amount of selling digital goods. At some point during that period I also quit my day job, which freed up a ton of time and further created opportunities. I thoroughly enjoy what I do now, which can really best be described as one large and continuous lab experiment, always leading to further ideas and opportunities. More than anything though, I’ve found myself creating and being involved with an assortment of different online products. I’ve completely stopped doing client work last year and now mostly bounce around two SaaS products and two mobile applications.

I’m ecstatic that they’re all growing at different speeds, each bringing unique challenges. However, there comes a point when they outgrow you in more than one way; I’ve hit hard walls with availability, domain expertise and most importantly, having access to different perspectives.

I started working with Tom and Joe over at Human Made almost two years ago and it’s never really slowed, if anything, our relationship has simply become more intertwined. Despite being under different legal entities and living in different countries, we’ve always considered ourselves colleagues and friends (either through Happytables, Clickbank Powered or other ventures). Time has come for us to once again up our game.

Human Made Partners

I’m proud to announce that I will be joining the Human Made family as a partner, responsible for all products (as opposed to client work/consulting). With this change, comes consolidation. Part of upping our game requires us to mature past the personal attachments of what we’ve built to date. On one side, Happytables will come under Human Made and on the other, Tom, Joe and I will become equals.

We each bring unique strengths, have strong views and are dedicated to pushing this business to the next level. This is further amplified with recent hires Daniel Bachhuber and Paul de Wouters. The motivation and passion of all individuals at Human Made today is truly incredible and I consider myself fortunate to be joining them today.

Be it through our VIP client work or the product side of the business, I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to do some amazing things down the line. Things that simply wouldn’t be possible if we hadn’t combined powers.

Enough rambling from my side, time to get to work.

Read the official post here.