Work In Progress: Stiggy’s Dogs

Next to the Bahamas Humane Society, I’ve also taken up the web design for Stiggy’s Dogs, a non-profit which brings together shelter/rescue dogs with returning veterans diagnosed with PTSD. I think it’s a great cause and really looking forward to seeing this grow (as it’s from within the family). It all started after Ben who is on my wife’s side was killed in Afghanistan last year, this project will hopefully bring help to many that need it whilst at the same time honoring Ben who is truly missed.

Non Profit - Humane Society - Veterans

The current work in progress shows the header of the website; the texture using newspaper clippings, whilst the call to actions pop out a little more. I’ll keep updating this as the organization and web presence develops. Currently the Facebook group boasts 389 members,and as a first goal I’d like to bring this to 1’000. Twitter hasn’t kicked off yet, but I have the same goal there.