Client – Spectral Capital Corporation

I’ve recently had the joy of working with a client that has gone through a re-branding, which is quite an administrative matter when they’re listed on multiple stock exchanges. Spectral Capital (previously Fusa Capital) used to have a few media search sites up back in the day but has since gone in a different direction. The features of the website are straightforward:

  • Content Management System – WordPress
  • Multilingual – English / German
  • Stock Ticker with relevant Securities / Quotes
spectral corporate wordpress

As is the case with the majority of my sites these days, I built the web presence using WordPress. There isn’t too much content today, but that will grow in the coming months. However, with that in mind, I built everything in a scalable manner, not trying to restrict in anyway. I was able to leverage a few plug-ins which were very helpful; WordPress Multilingual (WPML) for having being able to use multiple languages with WordPress as well as Stock Quote Sidebar, where I modified the design and way it acts depending on the movement of the stock, see the screenshot below:

stock ticker wordpress

Apart from that, the site is well on it’s way, just waiting for content to start flowing in. The website is also hosted using, which I’m obviously happy about as everything is secure and backed up regularly. This way the client can get a good “bang for buck” server that is very well managed.