Client – Shamrock Irish Pub

Shamrock Irish Pub Website Template

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Creating the Shamrock website was a blast! What I had noticed in my initial research was that many of the Irish/British pubs locally had a corporate undertone in their online presence. By going with a warmer and more personal website, I wanted to reflect what the pub truly was; a family-run business.

Brand Identity

As the Shamrock is fairly new, we were starting at zero. This also meant getting a logo put together. After sifting through various designs and edits, we finally settled on a modern logo, that retains the Celtic touch and is portable (pint glasses, shirts, posters, etc.). The logo was created by the very talented Maya who can be found over at DeviantArt:

shamrock irish pub logo

Web Design

The design is texture heavy and is visually very engaging. From the blackboard which dynamically shows the latest events to the expandable scroll, everything was designed to create a personal theme that at the same time reflected the well-known Irish Pub culture.

  • Design in line with Web 2.0 trends
  • Custom CMS (Content Management System) for all Pub related activities (matches, menu, automatic newsletter)
  • Flickr integrated images so that users can add their own pictures to the website

The idea of a custom back-end came around as the owner, Bart, is so busy at the pub that website maintenance should be kept to a minimum. This way he can throw in matches, menus, food, drinks, etc. all in one go for 3 months in advance and set the whole thing on auto-pilot. Afterall, wouldn’t you want to know which pubs are showing your favorite team play ;) ?

shamrock irish pub cms


Shooting the imagery for the Shamrock was also exciting. Again, we wanted to avoid this corporate feel and stay focused on a theme that spoke for the home away from home.

shamrock irish pub photography

shamrock irish pub panorama