Charity: Stiggy’s Dogs

I meant to put a write-up a while ago about this project, but alas clients always have priority over updating my portfolio. As I had previously mentioned, I think this is a great cause and I was happy that I was available at the time, which  is why it worked out perfectly.

Stiggy's Dogs Web Design

Given the organization is still young, there were a couple components which were essential in order to make this online presence work:

  • Big, Simple & Short Mission Statement; the brand is young and its goal needs to be communicated within the first few seconds of a visitor arriving on the site.
  • Enabling Social Media Momentum; at present Stiggy’s Dogs has links out to Facebook, Twitter, Digg & StumbleUpon. You never know which one (or more) will really catch on so we test with all.
  • Scalable Design; this is a straight-forward 960px 2-column grid design that can easily be upgraded to WordPress or Expression Engine if and when the need arises.

The design was inspired by the first photo of Ben where he is standing in the Desert. I added a secondary color (blue), but left out red as I didn’t want to give this any sort of political link or uber-patriotic look.  The newspaper clippings that are faded in the header’s background are in honor of Ben, from which the charity bears his nickname, Doc Stiggy.

There isn’t much else to say, except check out the website and if you have a spare minute, join the group on facebook or re-tweet the link, thank you!