Noel Tock

I'm a Swiss digital nomad that loves creating products online. My typical day to day consists of Product Management, WordPress and Front-End Design. Above all, I'm also one of the three owners at Human Made, a VIP Partner. You can hire us.

Selected Projects
SaaS Platform whereby restaurants can connect their various applications (POS, labour, ordering, social, etc.) to generate actionable insights and make smarter decisions impacting profitability and operating expenses.
A real-time map of Digital Nomads utilising various social API's. Even though it's still early, it already has well over half a million data points.
Project Reality
#1 Battlefield Mod & Mod of the Year Community-powered modification for the Battlefield franchise as well as ARMA in later years. Started in 2004, and I personally retired from the project in 2008. It still thrives today.
Game Artist
Sold to CG-Society in 2007 - One of the first communities built for professional computer & video game artists. Interviews, tutorials, etc. all built using vBulletin.